Inna Orlik
Inna Orlik

Inna Orlik was born in 1964 in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied paintings in the National Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi from 1982 to 1987.

From 1987 to 1990 she used to teach paintings in secondary education in Tbilisi. In 1985 her first solo show was organized in Tbilisi followed by second solo exhibition in the same city and two more in 1988 and 1990 in Moscow and St. Petersburg respectively.

During that time she also participated in various group exhibitions. Since 1991 she lives and works in Greece. Her works can be found in various collections around the world.


Independently of the mood existing in the surrounding me there is always another world, the world in which you are absorbed in completely and you feel yourself as a whole. This is a world in which all the images are under the logic of thinking; these images are vivid as if someone is bringing the ideas to your mind and it looks like a thin chain of tiny parts coming one from another; this is a world which is difficult to turn into words. But this is exactly what creates those fantastic images, fairy tales cities, which can be studied forever, be drowned in them with happiness and relaxation.

New images, color pallets are coming by themselves. All the visions, forms, worries, touch with the nature are stored in our subconscious every day and are splashed out into the canvas in a way the hand is reinventing it in conjunction with that subconscious. Sometimes it seems to me that it happens without even my participation in the painting and when the work is finished I discover for myself a lot of new things where from new more deep and more interesting images are mounting. And this happens everlastingly.

I had never desire to imitate others. I was always having a fondness for and admiration of the great artist’s; works. Their life and creativity played a tremendous role in my life. They always inspired me for a continuous growth in my creativity.

 Since my childhood everything that would impress me would carry a deep substance, would be transformed and be stabilized.

While creating any of my work I sense complete confluence with them. There is a feeling that you begin a new life and you are breathing by these illustrations, you are walking in all imagined streets, lighting the lamps, looking out of the windows of fairy- tale houses, you are swinging boats and blow on the clouds. The same things you experience with the colors, each has its own sound, each own mood. In my imagination everything is blessed with a soul, with a character, with a life-like image. Seasons of the year, rain, wind, stones, birds, lost worlds, mythic images- all have soul.

After getting satisfaction of a completed work, I am happy and want everyone around me to feel the same. I am positive that my works are bringing surprise, happiness and aesthetic satisfaction and this is the most valuable thing for my creativity. For me as an artist the most important is not just to rest on my laurels but to feel constant necessity to move forward and see new icons, new forms, new amalgamations.

This is the main meaning of my inspiration.


150X50cm,Acrylic colors on canvas