Inna Orlik, born in 1963 in Georgia, embarked on her artistic journey by pursuing studies in the arts at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, a commitment that spanned from 1982 to 1987. Between 1985 and 1990, Inna showcased her creative brilliance through solo exhibitions around the world. In 1991, she made a pivotal decision to relocate and establish her artistic base in Greece. Today, Inna’s masterpieces are not only prominently featured in diverse collections and exhibitions globally but are also highly valued and sought after, being sold exclusively through Orlik Galleries. Her artworks have found homes all over the world, a testament to the universal appeal and recognition of her unique artistic vision.


“I was born in the city of Tbilisi in Georgia on May 14, 1963. I graduated from high school and at the same time I was studying in an art school (graphic class) from where I graduated with a gold medal. The following year I entered the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts from where I graduated with honors. Later I taught watercolor at a children’s art school while I was working in a tapestry workshop and as already a member of the Union of Artists in Georgia I took part in seasonal exhibitions.

In 1991, I flew to Greece and apparently stayed here until the present day. As I see it now I had the need to change my life so I can focus on art and creativity.

The mystery and the unconscious of the Greek mythology had my interested since I was a little kid. For a very long time I was creating icons while studying all the nuances of ancient masters. Soon, I started receiving requests for big projects for frescoes in churches. I was constantly accompanied by mysticism and I wanted to create my kind of art which is coming straight from my soul. So I stopped creating projects for other people and immersed myself into my own creativity.

My work is graphic on canvas. The technique in which I work doesn’t meet any criteria. I use everything that I was given to know. This is both watercolor and drawing using icon painting techniques and just a state of mind and soul which is conveyed on canvas. I use various materials, starting with ink, oil, acrylic paints, egg tempera, gold and silver. All my works are created from the beginning until the very end by hand.

The most important thing in art for me as an artist is to feel that it touches to the very micro particle of your body and to be able to convey your world to the canvas. Often, there is a real attack of colors and shapes inside me that comes from the outside world which can’t be seen by the ordinary eye, but I can see, hear and feel everything. Every color has its own sound, therefore every painting has its own music. The most incredible thoughts come to me at night when the most distinct sensations of harmony of mind and soul occur.

When I start a new painting everything happens right on the canvas. The colors correspond to the subject I have in my mind and distribute by themselves.

The most important thing in my life is to see my loved ones happy as well as the whole world.

With my works, I want to convey to people those feelings that I experience while creating art. I want to distract people from problems and transfer them to the world of harmony and happiness. “