Original Painting “Blue Fish” by Inna Orlik

In Inna Orlik’s painting “Blue Fish,” a mesmerizing harmony of contrasting colors and aquatic beauty takes center stage.

  • Original artwork created by Inna Orlik titled “Blue Fish”.
  • Acrylic colors on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 30x30cm | 11.8×11.8in
  • Original one-of-a-kind painting with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
  • Complimentary worldwide shipping.


In Inna Orlik’s painting “Blue Fish,” a mesmerizing harmony of contrasting colors and aquatic beauty takes center stage. The artwork presents a fish that serves as a living canvas, where shimmering shades of blue and radiant gold come together to create a captivating dichotomy.

At the heart of the composition swims a remarkable fish, its form split almost perfectly into two halves—a stunning juxtaposition of vibrant blue and luminous gold. The boundary between the two colors is marked by intricate detailing, as if nature itself has carefully crafted this unique and wondrous creature.

The blue half of the fish embodies the serenity of the deep ocean. The shades of blue vary, ranging from tranquil cerulean to mysterious indigo, evoking the cool depths where the fish glides with fluid grace. The gold half of the fish, on the other hand, is a radiant burst of warmth and light, capturing the sunlight’s dance on the water’s surface.

The composition is a testament to the harmonious dance between light and shadow, vividness and subtlety. The division of colors creates a visual dialogue that invites contemplation on the duality of nature and the balance between opposing forces.

“Blue Fish” is a visual ode to the boundless beauty of the underwater world.  As the blue and gold halves coalesce, the fish becomes a living embodiment of the delicate equilibrium that sustains the vibrant ecosystems of our planet.

To stand in front of an Orlik artwork is more than viewing, it is a sensation inspired by a sprawling depth of spirituality, and the currents of history, imagination, and dreams. From myths that survive over time and those images of reverie which often turn a crushing reality into a bearable and almost poetic one. Inna Orlik has thoroughly studied painting and graphic arts, has exhibited her works all over the world, and chose Athens as the base for her passion. In her exclusive style of painting, she masterfully combines the Western technique and the fairy-like mystery of the East. Her compositions are dense, visual facts that create subjection to the viewer as a result of their noble artistry. Whoever stands in front of an Orlik painting sinks, almost unconsciously, into a world of magic where miracles can happen anytime.