Original Painting “DREAM” by Inna Orlik

  • Original artwork created by Inna Orlik titled “DREAM”.
  • Acrylic colors on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 120x70cm | 47.2×27.6in
  • Original one of a kind painting with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
  • Worldwide shipping is included in the price.



“Dream” is a captivating and enigmatic painting by Inna Orlik that explores the interplay of colors and forms to convey a sense of mystery and contemplation. In this artwork, a black and blue figure of a woman takes center stage against a seamless, vibrant yellow background.

The black and blue figure of the woman appears to be in a state of contemplation or perhaps caught in a moment of reverie. Her silhouette is graceful and fluid, with an almost ethereal quality. The use of black and blue for the figure creates a stark contrast against the radiant yellow backdrop, emphasizing her presence and drawing the viewer’s attention.

The choice of colors is notable in this painting. The brilliant yellow background serves as a powerful symbol of warmth, optimism, and enlightenment. It envelops the woman, enveloping her in a radiant glow that contrasts with the cooler tones of her form. The title, “Dream,” invites viewers to contemplate the woman’s state of mind and what she may be dreaming or thinking about. The seamless yellow background can be seen as a representation of the limitless possibilities of the imagination, where dreams and thoughts can unfold without boundaries.

Overall, “Dream” is a visually striking painting that invites viewers to delve into the world of the woman depicted and to ponder the intersection of dreams and reality, all within the context of a captivating color palette and composition.

To stand in front of an Orlik artwork is more than viewing, it is a sensation inspired by a sprawling depth of spirituality, and the currents of history, imagination, and dreams. From myths that survive over time and those images of reverie which often turn a crushing reality into a bearable and almost poetic one. Inna Orlik has thoroughly studied painting and graphic arts, has exhibited her works all over the world, and chose Athens as the base for her passion. In her exclusive style of painting, she masterfully combines the Western technique and the fairy-like mystery of the East. Her compositions are dense, visual facts that create subjection to the viewer as a result of their noble artistry. Whoever stands in front of an Orlik painting sinks, almost unconsciously, into a world of magic where miracles can happen anytime.