Original Painting “Pomegranate Duet” by Inna Orlik

Original Painting “Pomegranate Duet” by Inna Orlik

Τwo pomegranates take center stage in this artwork,they are likely rendered with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing their lustrous and textured skins.

  • Original artwork created by Inna Orlik titled “Pomegranate Duet”.
  • Acrylic colors on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 30x35cm | 1.8X13.8in (Without the frame)
  • Original one of a kind painting with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
  • Worldwide shipping is included in the price.

Original Painting “Pomegranate Duet” by Inna Orlik


“Pomegranate Duet” by Inna Orlik is a visually striking and contemplative painting focusing on the elegance and symbolism of two pomegranates set against a background characterized by white, black, gold, and grey tones.

The two pomegranates take center stage in this artwork, and they are likely rendered with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing their lustrous and textured skins. Pomegranates hold rich symbolic meaning in various cultures, often representing fertility, abundance, and life’s complexity. In this painting, they become the focal point, inviting viewers to delve into their intricate beauty.

The choice of the background adds a sense of purity and simplicity to the composition, allowing the vibrant reds of the pomegranates to stand out vividly. The incorporation of black, gold, and grey in the background and potentially in the details of the pomegranates themselves creates an atmosphere of contrast and sophistication. Black may represent mystery or depth, gold can symbolize value or preciousness, and grey can convey a sense of balance and neutrality. These elements enhance the overall visual impact of the painting.

The composition of “Pomegranate Duet” likely exudes a sense of balance and harmony, with the two fruits positioned thoughtfully to create visual interest and symmetry. The contrast between the bold, rich colors of the pomegranates and the more subdued background creates a captivating and contemplative atmosphere.

Overall, “Pomegranate Duet” invites viewers to appreciate the beauty and symbolism of a simple yet deeply meaningful subject, showcasing the artist’s skill in capturing the essence and complexity of this iconic fruit. The painting encourages contemplation of the themes of life, abundance, and the interplay between simplicity and complexity in the natural world.

To stand in front of an Orlik artwork is more than viewing, it is a sensation inspired by a sprawling depth of spirituality, and the currents of history, imagination, and dreams. From myths that survive over time and those images of reverie which often turn a crushing reality into a bearable and almost poetic one. Inna Orlik has thoroughly studied painting and graphic arts, has exhibited her works all over the world, and chose Athens as the base for her passion. In her exclusive style of painting, she masterfully combines the Western technique and the fairy-like mystery of the East. Her compositions are dense, visual facts that create subjection to the viewer as a result of their noble artistry. In the beginning, there is a firm design that consolidates the composition through its hidden architecture. Then comes the color that expresses the internal disposition of the artist: warm red colors which are like the wine transformed by Christ at the wedding in Cana and the golden blue clouds that separate hell from heaven. Whoever stands in front of an Orlik painting sinks, almost unconsciously, into a world of magic where miracles can happen anytime.

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