by Inna Orlik


“REBIRTH” is an extraordinary new sculpture collection Inna Orlik. This captivating series of limited edition sculptures delves into the profound theme of the reincarnation of the soul, exploring the notion of acquiring a new existence and the promise of eternal life.

The sculptures in “REBIRTH” invite viewers to embrace the concept of the soul’s continuous cycle, perceiving their current life as just one thread in a vast tapestry of interconnected existences. Orlik’s art becomes a vessel for reincarnation itself, offering a profound and tangible medium through which the essence of the soul can be explored and experienced.

The collection promises to be a mesmerizing fusion of art and spirituality, beckoning viewers to delve deep into their own beliefs and ponder the mysteries of life and death. Through the power of her sculptures, Inna Orlik invites us to contemplate the eternal nature of the soul, leaving us with a renewed sense of wonder and a heightened appreciation for the intricate interconnectedness of our existence.